Consultative Meetings Between IAB Members and CEO Held

Mar 26, 2024

In a series of collaborative engagements, Culture Masters recently proceeded consultative meetings with esteemed International Advisory Board Members marking significant strides in the realm of project development and sponsoring campaign.

The first meeting, held on March 5th, welcomed Prof. Aijarkyn Kojobekova from Kyrgyzstan to the premises of Culture Masters in Bupyeong-gu, Incheon City. Prof. Kojobekova, visiting Korea as part of an international program, engaged in fruitful discussions with CEO Dr. Seong-Yong Park regarding ongoing and prospective projects undertaken by Culture Masters. The dialogue encompassed an array of topics, including the enhancement of training programs tailored for practitioners and communities involved in Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH), alongside broader discussions on cultural initiatives. Notably, Prof. Kojobekova shared insights gleaned from her involvement in online curricula focusing on culture and gender equality. The consensus reached during the meeting underscored the importance of fostering collaborative efforts and knowledge-sharing, with plans for future information sessions aimed at enriching online training endeavors.

On March 22nd, Dr. Seong-Yong Park embarked on a visit to the laboratory of Professor Hee-Soo (who is an International Advisory Board Member, Culture Masters) in Uiwang-si, Gyeonggi-do. Professor Lee, a pioneering figure in Korean Turkic studies, welcomed Dr. Park to a meticulously curated space adorned with Turkish motifs and scholarly volumes. Renowned as a leading authority on Turkic studies and Middle East-related affairs, Professor Lee's contributions extend to his role as a Distinguished Emeritus Professor at Sungkonghoe Institute for Islamic Studies and his leadership within the Korea-Turkey Friendship Association. The meeting served as a platform for Dr. Park to outline Culture Masters' overarching objectives and seek Professor Lee's collaboration in fostering sponsorship initiatives. Both parties affirmed their commitment to joint endeavors, including the pursuit of sponsorships for flagship projects such as the Arirang Master Program.

Through consultations with the aforementioned IAB members, we engaged in a process of harnessing collective wisdom to propel the future development of Culture Masters' global endeavors and to invigorate key international projects. We express our gratitude for the collaboration of the advisory board members and intend to pursue even more robust cooperation for the future.