Culture Masters Unveils Strategic Discussions at Extraordinary International Advisory Board Meeting

Dec 18, 2023

Culture Masters, in an extraordinary International Advisory Board meeting from December 12 to 26, 2023, announced pivotal decisions to shape its future initiatives.

Key outcomes :

    1. Report on Activities:

        ◦ Review of Draft Certificate of Masters.

        ◦ Acceptance into ICCN membership.

        ◦ Introduction of ICAPI, a non-profit institute supporting Culture Masters.

    2. Re-branding to Arirang Master Designation:

        ◦ Proposal to change the Gugak Master Designation to "Arirang Master Designation" for inclusivity.

        ◦ Open discussion for feedback.

    3. Activating Advisory Board and New Members:

        ◦ Transformation of Advisory Board's role in projects.

        ◦ Proposal to extend board members' term to 2 years.

        ◦ Invitation to new members from several countries including Botswana and Brazil.

    4. Next Meeting Information:

        ◦ Scheduled for February 27, 2024, via Zoom.

        ◦ Call for Arirang Master Designation program candidates.

Rationale for Re-branding: To overcome limitations, the Gugak Master Designation becomes "Arirang Master Designation," fostering unity and understanding among nations.

Next Steps: Culture Masters looks forward to implementing insights for future endeavors, encouraging member engagement and recommendations for the various programs including the Arirang Master Designation program.