Experience the Empowerment of Culture Masters' Program

Innovative Consulting and Strategy Development

  • We specialize in consulting and strategy development to advance diverse socio-cultural representations with our unparalleled expertise and professionalism.
  • International Advisory Group: Culture Masters operates an International Advisory Group comprising top-tier experts from 11 countries. They actively contribute to the development and implementation of our consulting and strategy development projects
  • Set up comprehensive strategies and help develop International Networking and implement World Conference and in the Tea Culture Industry Field in May 2023
  • Set up comprehensive strategies and developed International Networking of World Ethnic Performing Arts Field during May-October 2023..
  • Provided a professional consulting to AlphaSights, International Consulting Group, focusing on UNESCO-related Governance and programmes, in November 2023.

Arirang Master Designation Program

  • The Arirang Master Designation Program is a celebration of the exceptional achievements of high-level artists in the realm of intangible cultural heritage, aiming to increase awareness of their contributions. Originally titled "Gugak Master" in traditional performance and musical instrument craft, the project underwent a rebranding to "Arirang Master" to expand its scope beyond traditional music and instruments, encompassing a more comprehensive range of intangible cultural heritage domains. This strategic shift provides a platform for artists to showcase their works and artistic talents, fostering global exchanges.
  • The initiative, inaugurated in April and October 2003, led to the designation of Arirang Masters by the IAB. These designations serve as recognition for outstanding individuals in the field and contribute to the promotion and preservation of intangible cultural heritage on a global scale.

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Partnerships and Conferences

Cultural Creativity Festival Development

  • Our commitment lies in enhancing awareness of the innovative creations crafted by artisans and cultural communities, recognizing their valuable contributions to society. To achieve this, we are actively engaged in establishing a comprehensive platform that champions cultural diversity and artistic expressions, transcending both online and offline realms.
  • World Ethnic Performing Arts Festival: Culture Masters is diligently preparing for meaningful events that will bring together Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) performance teams from various countries. These teams will showcase their exceptional talents on an international stage, starting in the year 2023. The primary goal of these events is to elevate the visibility of cultural artisans and communities within the performing arts domain, fostering collaboration and exchange among artists worldwide.

Culture Masters works on various projects.

  • Convergence of culture and cutting-edge IT to strengthen the capacity of cultural communities
  • Content production contributing to the awareness-raising of cultural artisans and cultural communities
  • Research Projects and Intensive training programs in the field culture and cultural heritage
  • International events such as cultural festival, conference and exhibition, etc
  • Cooperative projects to share the case of K-culture and Hangul promotion
  • Cultural exchange projects among various stakeholders in the culture field
  • Central Asia and Silk Roads Cultural Cooperation Projects
  • International networks and partnerships and related investment attraction projects