First Int’l Advisory Board Meeting

Sep 14, 2023

Culture Masters (CEO Seong-Yong Park) conducts international business activities to raise awareness and support the creative activities of cultural artisans and cultural communities around the world, will hold the first International Advisory Board Meeting by virtual conference on April 27.

International Advisory Board of Culture Masters consists of thirteen members from eleven countries—Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Norway, South Korea, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam. The members are prominent international experts—academics, activists, and heads of institutions in the fields of culture and arts. The Board will examine proposals for international cooperation projects with Culture Masters and Member States, elect the Board Chair, and adopt operational guidelines. In particular, the Board will deliberate on the project guide for designating gugak masters as part of our program to recognize artisans in the field of traditional music in each country by discovering cultural artisans who sing, dance, play instruments, or craft instruments around the world.

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