Culture Masters Welcomes New Experts to International Advisory Board

Jan 16, 2024

Culture Masters is excited to announce the addition of three distinguished members to its International Advisory Board (IAB). These additions bring valuable insights and expertise from different corners of the globe, enhancing the IAB's capacity to guide the company in its strategic endeavors.

Meet the New Members:

  1. Eunkyung Oh (Republic of Korea):

    • Professor and Director at Dongduk Women's University, leading Turkic Studies and serving in various multicultural and advisory roles. Ph.D. in Turkish Literature, published extensively in Turkology.

  1. Camila Leal Rosa (Brazil):

    • President of ABrasOFFA with a background in translation/interpreting, leading international folklore initiatives, and contributing to cultural projects, education, and sustainable goals. Varied experience in performance, cultural management, and global business.

  1. Tumani Virginia MASOLE (Botswana):

    • Living Heritage Expert and UNESCO trainer in Botswana, founder of THE CULTURATI magazine, and cultural exchange coordinator promoting arts, culture, and tourism in South Africa. Engaged in safeguarding intangible cultural heritage and promoting cultural diversity.

      From the left, EunKyung Oh (Republic of Korea),  Camila Leal Rosa (Brazil),  Tumani Virginia MASOLE(Botswana)

      Importance of New Members : Culture Masters recognizes the significance of welcoming fresh perspectives to the IAB. As outlined in the Operational Guidelines, the IAB serves as a strategic guiding force, advising on the company's direction and its future initiative, the International Culture & Arts Promotion Institute (ICAPI). The inclusion of diverse experts enhances the IAB's ability to align with global needs and contributes to the evolving objectives of ICAPI. With the invitation of new members, IAB has a total of 16 members from 13 countries as of January 2024.

      Transformation and Future Expectations: The recent activation of the Advisory Board marks a transformation in its role, with proposed extensions of board members' terms to two years. This move is expected to foster continuity and sustained commitment to Culture Masters' mission. The new members from Botswana and Brazil symbolize a broader international reach, aligning with the institute's commitment to geographic representation and diverse disciplines, as outlined in the guidelines.

      Looking Ahead: The IAB, guided by the Chairperson (Mr. Alisher Ikramov) and fueled by the collective expertise of its members, is poised for impactful contributions. With an emphasis on active participation, strategic guidance, and representation at public events, the IAB remains a cornerstone in Culture Masters' global cultural engagement. Amendments to operational guidelines, when necessary, will be made in consideration of the evolving global community, its mission, and ICAPI objectives.

      Culture Masters eagerly anticipates the collaborative efforts of its diverse International Advisory Board, recognizing the potential for innovative approaches and a strengthened commitment to cultural heritage worldwide.