Dr. Vakil Jayarajan, appointed as Secretary General of ICCN

Dec 02, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the recent appointment of Dr. V. Jayarajan who is an esteemed Culture Masters’ Advisor as the Secretary General of the Inter-City Intangible Cultural Cooperation Network (ICCN), a prestigious international cultural organization accredited by UNESCO. Dr. Jayarajan, a distinguished figure in the field, proudly assumes this role as the first Indian to hold such a esteemed post.

In his statement, Dr. Jayarajan expressed his excitement and honor, stating, I am thrilled and honored to announce my recent appointment as the Secretary General of the Inter-City Intangible Cultural Cooperation Network (ICCN), an esteemed international cultural organization accredited by UNESCO. This appointment is a personal milestone and a historic moment, as I proudly assume the position as thefirst Indian to hold this distinguished post.

ICCN serves as a unique platform that brings together City Mayors, Local Government officials, Directors of Museums, and cultural organizations worldwide.

Dedicated to the goals set forth by the 2003 Convention of UNESCO, ICCN spans 45 countries and aims to foster collaboration and preserve the intangible cultural heritage that defines the identity of cities globally. The roots of ICCN trace back to its formation in Egypt in 2004 and its subsequent legalization in 2008 from the Republic of Korea. Since its inception, ICCN has been at the forefront of promoting cultural exchange and understanding. Dr. Jayarajan expressed his humility in following the footsteps of esteemed predecessors, former SGs of ICCN.

As the 4th Secretary General, Dr. Jayarajan is eager to contribute to the mission of ICCN over the next four years. He looks forward to working collaboratively with the dedicated members of the organization to build bridges, celebrate diversity, and preserve our shared intangible cultural heritage. In addition, he is committed to leading with passion, dedication, and a vision for a more culturally connected world.

Dr. V. Jayarajan, appointed as the 4th Secretary-General, ICCN.