Join Our Global Online Newspaper Team as a Reporter

Apr 18, 2024

Invitation to Become a National Reporter for Arirang Culture Connect

Are you passionate about showcasing your culture on a global stage? Join Arirang Culture Connect, a global online newspaper platform, as a national reporter! Share news, promote information, and facilitate human exchange on intangible cultural heritage from around the world.

What You'll Do: As a national reporter, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Share your knowledge and insights on your country's cultural heritage.
  • Write and upload articles under your own name. Our editor will review the quality and content of your articles.
  • Promote your work globally; all articles are translated and searchable in 10 languages, enhancing your reach and exposure to a global audience.
  • Enjoy flexibility in your work, as there are no strict deadlines. You can provide culture-related information and write articles freely.

Benefits of Working as a Reporter: While this role is voluntary and uncompensated, becoming a national reporter for Arirang Culture Connect offers several benefits:

  • Networking: Connect with creators, artisans, and cultural community leaders to enrich your reporting experience.
  • Professional Development: Advance your reporter rating and enhance your writing and reporting skills through experience and exposure.
  • Recognition: Gain acknowledgment for your contributions to cultural dialogue and preservation, bolstering your profile as a respected reporter.
  • Archived Articles: Gain recognition for your contributions; your articles are archived and accessible worldwide.
  • Certificate of Appointment: Receive a certificate of appointment as a reporter, recognizing your role and achievements.

Review Process: Once you apply to become a national reporter, your application will be reviewed by the Editorial Board. The board will assess your qualifications and determine your eligibility to join the team. The board will communicate its decision to you in a logical and clear manner, ensuring a smooth application process.

Additional Note: Currently, the article editing system is only available in Korean, but there is an English manual to guide you through the registration and article uploading process. Consider this a trial period; you are welcome to practice writing and deleting articles at your own pace as you get accustomed to the system.

How to Apply: To apply, submit your background, brief biography, and photograph to