Unveiling Arirang Culture Connect: Pioneering Global Intangible Heritage Online News Platform Emerges

Apr 06, 2024

Culture Masters, a non-governmental cultural institute based in Incheon, Korea, under the leadership of its CEO, Dr. Seong-Yong Park, has recently unveiled an innovative global online news platform called ‘Arirang Culture Connect’. The domain for this platform is www.arirangculture.news.

On March 27, Incheon Metropolitan City, Republic of Korea issued a registration certificate for Arirang Culture Connect, solidifying its status as an online news source in the field of intangible heritage. Concurrently, the development of the online news system was completed.

The primary aim of this online news venture is to spotlight the lives of intangible heritage artists and communities worldwide, facilitating more efficient support and collaboration to ensure the sustainability of their creative endeavors. The launch of this online newspaper marks a significant milestone in Culture Masters' commitment to leveraging advanced technologies in the realm of intangible heritage.

Photo 1: Main Page of Arirang Culture Connect, Online News System

Dr. Park Seong-Yong, the publisher and Editor, envisions Arirang Culture Connect as a global online platform beyond news dissemination. It aims to foster dialogue, collaboration, and preserve cultural heritage, promoting mutual understanding and diversity worldwide.

The platform boasts seven article menus, encompassing five intangible heritage domains and two additional sections dedicated to culture & arts initiatives and Arirang Master:

  • Oral Traditions & Expressions

  • Performing Arts Showcase

  • Social Practices & Rituals

  • Nature & Universe Knowledge

  • Craftsmanship & Artistry

  • Culture & Arts Initiatives

  • Arirang Master & Cultural Community

As a global Internet newspaper, Arirang Culture Connect will appoint experts from various countries as news reporters to curate news articles pertaining to each nation's intangible cultural heritage. Those interested in contributing as international reporters for Arirang Culture Connect are encouraged to apply for participation by submitting their background along with a brief biography and photograph to the email address provided below: info@arirangculture.news

We eagerly anticipate the interest and involvement of individuals worldwide in propagating exemplary cases of intangible cultural heritage safeguarding and promotion, thereby paving the way for Arirang Culture Connect to become a global hub for celebrating cultural diversity and fostering sustainable development for all.

About Culture Masters

Culture Masters refer to maestros who have reached a distinguished level in arts, culture, and heritage, embodying creators, cultural community leaders, and role models.


Our mission is to highlight the achievements of creators, cultural community leaders, and artisans while discovering and raising awareness of cultural communities worldwide. We provide platforms for communication, cooperation, and growth for the younger generation, empowering cultural communities and supporting sustainable development. Our focus is on fostering cultural diversity and eco-friendly programs, contributing to a culture of peace through enhanced cultural openness and communication.

Focus Areas

Culture Masters focus on:

  • Capacity-building of Cultural Artisans and Communities

  • Evolving Cultural Strategy and Contents

  • Customizing Training in the Cultural Sphere

  • Advancing Cultural Promotion via through information platforms and exchange programs

Project Types

Culture Masters engage in various projects:

  • Converging culture and cutting-edge IT to strengthen cultural community capacity

  • Content production for raising awareness of cultural masters and communities

  • Developing education and training programs in culture and cultural heritage

  • Organizing international events such as festivals, conferences, and exhibitions

  • Cooperative projects for sharing K-culture and promoting Hangul

  • Cultural exchange projects among communities, organizations, governments, and countries

  • Central Asia and Silk Roads Cultural Cooperation Projects

  • Establishing international networks, partnerships, and investment attraction projects