Eunkyung Oh

Eunkyung Oh is a professor at Dongduk Women's University, director of the institute for Eurasian Turkic Studies, editor-in-chief of the English-language journal of Turkic Studies, consultant of center for intangible cultural heritage of Asia-Pacific under the auspices of UNESCO(2016-2018), member of the Uzbek Turan Academy of Sciences, honorary member of the Writers' Union of Azerbaijan, Seoul City Diplomacy Advisory Committee, Seoul City Multicultural Expert Committee, Ministry of Justice Refugee Committee of Korea and ministerial adviser to the Korean president. She earned a Ph. D. in Turkish Literature and Comparative Literature from Hacettepe National University in Ankara, Turkey (1999) and also got a degree of Doctor of Science and professorship in Uzbekistan, Tashkent, the Academy of Science (2014). To date, she has published more than 150 research papers and 40 books on Turkology issues in various languages. The published scientific researches of the author, "Korean War in Turkish Literature" (Turkish, English), "Women in XX Century Turkish and Korean Literature" (Turkish, Azerbaijani, English), "Comparative Analysis of Turkish and Korean Heroic Epics" (Uzbek and Russian), have a special place in Academic world. She published Encyclopedia of Turkic Humanities with 21 authors in Korean prepared under her leadership of research and project director.