Arnold Byung-Seok Choi

Arnold (Byungseok) Choi is currently the head of Culture Masters' IT-related projects. He majored in law and public administration in Korea, and has been a computer system expert who led the development of IT infrastructure for Korean government agencies, and is currently working as an artificial intelligence and digital platform information expert.As a member of the Korea International Volunteer Association, he is engaged in private and civil diplomacy activity, and has extensive ties with Korean political officials and ambassadors of countries stationed in Korea. He also studied M.Div. and Integrative Cultural Theology at the Theological Seminary in California, U.S., and is a fundamental theologian who connects the vein of theology of the Presbyterian Church of Korea with a Ph.D. Through integrative cultural theology, he has studied both Eastern and Western religions, pursues cooperation through exchanges with spiritual leaders of various religions beyond Christianity, and envisions projects for the promotion of universal spirituality among mankind. He holds a master's qualification in traditional Korean feng shui and is a guest lecturer.