Kyu-Wan Hwang

Renowned painter Kyu-Wan Hwang has been at the forefront of conveying the beauty of Korea through its ancient art forms. Currently serving as a Special Advisor at Culture Masters, he brings a wealth of expertise and experience to his role.Mr. Hwang possesses extensive knowledge of Korean art, coupled with a discerning eye and profound skill, which has garnered him recognition as both an author and a painter. He is particularly renowned for his expertise in Korean ancient porcelain materials and his exquisite portrayals of moon jars.As the head of the Seok Kyeong-Ancient Art Research Institute, founded by individuals deeply versed in the theory and practice of Korean art, Hwang plays a pivotal role in elucidating the significance of Korean art to the broader public. He regularly conducts seminars and delivers public lectures aimed at promoting Korean artistry.Furthermore, Hwang's philanthropic endeavors include the completion and donation of numerous works, demonstrating his commitment to fostering cultural understanding and appreciation. Notably, his moon jar paintings serve as a gateway to exploring the cultural and artistic heritage of the Joseon Dynasty, while his involvement in painting donation projects highlights his dedication to promoting Korean culture worldwide.Through collaborative initiatives with Culture Masters and the international community, Hwang actively engages in cultural public diplomacy, utilizing his artistic talents to advance Korea's cultural legacy on the global stage.