Seong-Yong Park

Dr. Seong-Yong Park is currently the CEO of Culture Masters, an international cultural organization he founded in 2023. His primary focus is on the preservation and promotion of global cultural heritage. He is also the publisher and editor of 'Arirang Culture Connect,' an online platform dedicated to global intangible heritage and strengthening international cultural links. Dr. Park has a distinguished career, previously serving as the founding planning director and head of policy projects at a UNESCO Category 2 Centre in Korea, where he led numerous international cultural cooperation projects.He has significant academic credentials, including a PhD in Heritage Studies from the University of Queensland, and has conducted extensive research and teaching in heritage studies and the legal and policy development of the cultural field. In recent years, Dr. Park was responsible for establishing the Silk Roads Living Heritage Network, which was launched by ten countries along the ancient Silk Road route. He also conducted research on cultural communities and festivals in Asia and Europe.At Culture Masters, his work supports cultural artists and communities globally. In this journey, he aims to contribute to cultural development, peace-building, and addressing climate change, all aimed at achieving sustainable development of our global village.