Seong-Yong Park

Dr. Seong-Yong Park, formerly the founding director of a Korean-based UNESCO Category 2 Centre in the culture field, established Culture Masters in 2023. He earned his PhD in Heritage Studies at the University of Queensland and authored On Intangible Heritage Safeguarding Governance: An Asia-Pacific Context, published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing in 2013. He also authored several articles and manuscripts for several journals and other publications in Europe and Asia. With over three decades in the UNESCO system, first at the Korean National Commission for UNESCO and later at UNESCO-ICHCAP, he has operated under titles such as senior program specialist, adjunct professor, lecturer, facilitator, researcher, writer, editor, and director. He has recently been researching various cultural festivals in Central Asia and has worked toward developing the Silk Roads Living Heritage Network, which was established in 2021. Based on the outcomes of his contributions in the fields of cultural development and heritage safeguarding domestically and internationally, he is now working to promote culture and heritage through Culture Masters with colleagues and friends from home and abroad.